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July 21, 2024

Best Keyword Research Tool For Pinterest in 2024

  • November 2, 2023
  • 9 min read
Best Keyword Research Tool For Pinterest in 2024

Are you ready to share your insightful ideas and incredible art on Pinterest?

A lot of people think Pinterest is like a social media platform or a type of online marketplace. But guess what? It is neither!

The platform is more like a photo-sharing app, where you can publish your scrapbook (Anything you want to share) to show it to the world. It is a platform for content creators, designers, developers, artists, and influencers. For example, if someone has interesting, unique, DIY-type home decore ideas, Pinterest can be a deal-breaker platform for them

However, like any other social media site, you need to optimize your content to be visible to the audience. And here comes your day saviour, “Keywords.” You have to place relevant keywords to enhance the visibility of your content.

In the following article, we are going to discuss different keyword research tool for Pinterest. Further, you will get to know how to use these tools by using mini-guides. Enhance your audience reach by learning the use of keywords with us.

Let us help you turn your product campaigns into one of the highest-selling campaigns till now!

Importance of Pinterest Keywords

Keywords are highly vital when it comes to product visibility. You need highly active and most reachable keywords to get more views on your site. Whenever a user puts a query on Google, the Google crawler finds the relevant keywords and shows it to the first page of Google. So, if you have not used proper keywords for your post, the crawler will not be able to find your post to show it to the people.

People will likely find your products on the internet. So, take into account the power of keywords for Pinterest keywords. However, on Pinterest, you need to understand their algorithm.

Best Keyword Research Tools for Pinterest

  1. Built-in Keyword Tool
  2. Pin Inspector
  3. PinGroupie
  4. Keyword Tool
  5. Key Search

Pinterest is a different platform than other social networks. It has a unique algorithm who more interested in how you are exploring your audience on the internet. It is interested in your product descriptions. Therefore, you have to use different keyword tools to enhance the reach of your products on the internet. Following are some tools that you can use to find these keywords:

1. The Built-in Keyword Tool

A vast range of keywords is given on the Pinterest board and description. You can find the relevant keywords from those descriptions. With different built-in keyword tools in Pinterest, including the search bar, categories, and feeds, they help you find these keywords. Furthermore, you can use Pinterest ads keyword search too, trends, and predicts to use better keywords in your Pinterest pin.

Pinterest’s Search

You can easily find better keywords by using Pinterest’s search. If you type any relevant word that can describe your brand name, the search bar will show you relevant queries. The tool will automatically complete the search query. You can use it as a keyword. These search queries are based on mostly search or popular keywords.

Pinterest Trends

It gives you complete knowledge about different popular topics. You can find something relevant to your brand. Moreover, you can compare and analyze different keywords and their market popularity. This informational analysis will allow you to understand Pinterest strategies and algorithms.

Ads Tool

The tool provides you number mostly search keywords from the last month. That list will allow you to find the best and currently popular keywords for your pins.

2. Pin Inspector

Pin Inspector is your tool if you want to optimize your content with innovative and inspiring keywords. It provides a deep analysis of data on almost every niche that you are interested in. You can not only see the popular keywords based on trends but also know their competition and search volumes. The tool will show the number of views on specific pinners.

You can optimize your pins by using these keywords and be one of the top-performing content creators.

3. PinGroupie | Perform Better on Pinterest

PinGroupie is a type of Search Engine for Pinterest. There is a group board available on the tool. You can choose a niche to find the relevant keywords.

4. Keyword Tool | Upgrade the SEO of Your Pin

Keyword Tool is one of the best alternatives to Google’s keyword search tool for SEO optimization. No matter what niche you are working in, it is helpful for everyone in the market.

Specifications of Tool Keyword

The tool allows you to generalize different long-tail or phrasal keywords in bulk for any trend or topic. It uses a Google feature named autocomplete to create keywords.

  • Google’s autocomplete feature provides search suggestions for users by completing the search phrases
  • The tool mainly extracts those suggestions for Google and presents them to you. Those search suggestions are based on different factors, such as most search keywords or queries on Google
  • It presents one of the most relevant keywords for your Pinterest page. Moreover, digging the keywords out of the Google search box and providing you with a list happens in seconds. This means you do not need to wait for too long
  • You can use 38 different languages to generate the keywords
  • If you are using the free version, you can still generate 750 keywords in a second
  • However, its paid version provides more than two times of keywords than its free version. So, if you are willing to get your page boost on Pinterest, it would be better for you to use the paid version. It will help you start your campaigns.

5. Keysearch | A Pinterest-Specific Tool for Marketers

The Keysearch tool is one of the dedicated keyword Research Tool for Pinterest pages. It provides different keywords relevant to the topic and incredible keyword suggestions. The tool has an embedded feature of auto-suggested recommendations for SEO experts.

Moreover, you will find the best keywords if you add those suggestions further in the keyword search.

Keyword Research Tool for Pinterest

Tips to Choose Keywords for Pinterest

Following are some strategies that you can use to find keywords for Pinterest.

Use Tools to Find Keywords

You can use any freely available keyword tool. However, you have to select a niche to find relevant keywords. It does not require the work of an expert. You can do it easily with any available software.

Use long-Tail Keywords

Generally, on the internet, people search queries or self-explained phrases. If you use long-tail keywords or phrasal keywords, it will target the desired audience. Usually, phrasal keywords take time to get ranked on Google. But they will provide you with considerable outcomes and better engagement on the page. You will find consistent like, follow, and share on the page.

Moreover, if you use general phrases as keywords.

Use the Keywords Based on Trends

Are you aware of annual trends on Pinterest?

Pinterest supports annual exhibitions to appreciate insightful and inspiring trends. In those trends, you can search for popular keywords on Pinterest. Similarly, by exploring those trends, you can predict the upcoming Pinterest trends for the next year.

You can use your predictions and search them on keyword tools to find the relevant keyword. It will enhance the level of traffic on your page.

Find the Right Place to Induce Your Keywords

Placing the keywords in the right place is as important as finding the right keywords. To get more traffic, you have to optimize your overall profile. There are certain places on your profile where you have to put more keywords. For example, you can put the keywords in the pin title, profile name, URL, and descriptions. If you make the correct placement, the Pinterest algorithm will find your profile attractive and relevant for the visitors. Moreover, there are some other places where you can put the keywords:

  • Use it in the board titles
  • In the name of your profile
  • For attractive board descriptions
  • In your profile’s bio
  • For your Pinterest images

Track Keywrods at Pinterest

The search volumes on Pinterest fluctuate according to market trends and user interest. It is a platform of exciting ideas and inspirations, so find relevant keywords. If you track top trending keywords, it will enhance the visibility of your profile on Pinterest. Use those trending keywords carefully because, being a trend, it will enhance the visitor reach.

Is using Pinterest-Specified SEO Tools More Effective?

Keywords provide a boost your your profile on Pinterest. Their role is vital to enhance the product’s reach to potential buyers.

However, Pinterest is different from other platforms, such as Google. The search engine algorithm of Pinterest has different specifications. It is a platform of incredible artistic and inspirational ideas and products. You have to be product-specific and more relevant to your niche. Moreover, the customer’s behavior on Pinterest depends on new trends and hot styles in the market.

Therefore, if you use the Pinterest-dedicated tools that are specialized in cracking its algorithm, it would be good for you. It will help you launch your product and start your campaign more easily. You can understand about different queries that customers put on the search. By using those queries on your profile, you will make the potential buyers land on your page.

Impact of Keywords on Pinterest Market Strategy

The answer lies in one line: “Helps you target your audience.”

This self-explanatory fact is enough to understand the importance of keywords and their use in Pinterest market campaigns. However, there are some other benefits that you can read about below:

  • You can attract the targeted people on the platform
  • Enhance the product reach on the Pinterest
  • Make your campaigns more engaging
  • Get more potential buyers and make your product a market brand
Winding Up

If you are willing to start your product on Pinterest, you must understand the tips and tricks about the platform. Each platform has some specifications and algorithm demands; if your content fulfills them, you will probably get a boost and become one of the top-searched Pinterest pages. However, the keywords play a significant role in the matter.

For example, if your product has high market potential and your content is insightful, but you are not using commercial or better keywords, that can be a problem. You can find the keywords by using different Keyword Research Tool for Pinterest on the internet. Moreover, you should also work on placing the keywords, which we have discussed briefly in the article, for your assistance. Enhance your optimization skills and target more and more audiences on Pinterest!

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