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Exploring Sony PlayStation Earbuds Pulse | Features, Specs, Price

  • November 24, 2023
  • 5 min read
Exploring Sony PlayStation Earbuds Pulse | Features, Specs, Price

The days of gaming interruptions are about to be over. In this review, you will read about the new Sony earbuds that are coming to capture the market!
Sony has announced the specs and feature characteristics of their new and highly incredible PlayStation Earbuds. The PlayStation earbud can replace headsets for those who do not feel comfortable with them.
It is a seamless technology equipped with high-quality AI-enhanced technology for its users. By looking at the features of this device, you can say that Sony has considered almost all of the customer’s requirements in designing the new earbuds.
Let us take you on a tour of the new earbuds’ specs, features, and pricing details. Sat with us!

Get to Know the New PS5 Airbuds

The second generation of PS5 PlayStation headset is all ready to hit the market. The technology will bring its unique and updated features with it. Sony has announced some of its specifications, while they have put some characteristics to customer’s surprise.

The model will provide you with a seamless audio experience and enhance the level of entertainment while playing your favorite game. It is equipped with a retractable boom mic. Sony touched the AI characteristics to design the earbuds, as they added noise-blocking features to their device. The PlayStation Earbuds are AI-enhanced and will stop any outside noise from interrupting your game.

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Different Specs of PS5 Earbuds

The new Sony earbuds provide an esthetic wireless look. It seems like the technology has all the specifications to meet the customer’s expectations. They will provide outstanding sound quality for the users. Following are some specifications of PS5 PlayStation Earbuds.

  • The earbuds contain a planer magnetic driver, which provides power to the technology.
  • This magnetic planner is flat, unlike other earbuds with cone-shaped power devices.
  • It provides a wide range of nuanced sound
  • It has the traditional touch of PS5 technology 3D audio player
  • It contains a noise-rejection microphone. This is AI-based Technology
  • The technology is prone to smooth or block the background noise
  • It has a charging case with it, and you will see it while unboxing the device

If you are concerned about the battery timing of earbuds, we have the best comparison for you. Are you aware of the eight-hour-long battery timing of Sony’s previous XM4 earbuds? XM4 provides the longest battery timing if you compare different earbuds in the Sony market. PS5 Earbuds also provide an eight-hour-long battery time. Further, the case gives a 16-hour-long battery assistance for your ease.
Sounds like an endless fun to me!
However, the final judgments can only be made after the user experience. We hope it will be a good experience for PlayStation lovers!

Price of the New Earbuds

The retail price of new PlayStation 5 earbuds is $199.99. The cost of earbuds is higher than the cost of PlayStation headsets. The elite headset will be available at $149.99 in the market.

If you analyze the price of other high-quality Sony earbuds, the price of new earbuds remains low. For example, they are cheaper than the Sony WF1000-XM5 earbuds, which cost $299. Similarly, the famous Sony INZONE H9 also costs you $299. Compared to those devices, PS5 Earbuds are a great deal for regular customers.

Is It Easy to Carry?

While looking at the image of the earbuds case, it does not look so pocket-friendly for the users. But if you just need to use these earbuds at home with your PlayStations. Usually, people do not carry them with them everywhere as regular earbuds. So, their case size can not be a deal breaker for many PlayStation users.

Pre-Order Details of PlayStation Earbud

Sony will announce its pre-order release date before the actual launching of PS5 PlayStation. It is estimated that the pre-orders will start between September to October 2023. However, the company will announce the date on its social media platform, which is still pending.

If you see previously on the release dates of other Sony items, the company takes too long to announce them. For example, this happened in the PS5 Dualsense Edge Controller case.

Moreover, you have to wait to see if the company sells earbuds via its official platform or uses retailing services, as they have done with their previous launches.

Is It Worth Buying?

Some people do not like the over-ear headsets, like one with the new PlayStation portal. They feel uncomfortable with the headsets, so for them earbuds are preferable. If you are one of those people, you should buy these incredible earbuds and experience a new level of entertainment while spending time with your favorite gaming characters. Moreover, it provides audio services without any outside noise interruption. This seamless quality of earbuds makes them attractive for many PS5 fans.

Furthermore, other than all the incredible and cutting-edge features, the highly reasonable price of these earbuds is enough to grab the market’s attention.

Final Opinion

We know you are waiting for a new PS5 with extreme passion and enthusiasm. We are just hoping that the device will meet customer expectations as soon as it hits the market. However, you have to be patient and wait for their further announcements. With a pre-order release date, you can make the order.
Enjoy seamless video gaming with high-tech devices!

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