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iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15 Comparison | What’s new and different?

  • November 2, 2023
  • 8 min read
iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15 Comparison | What’s new and different?

Are you wondering about the unique features of the iPhone 15?
Let us guide you about the incredible updates and enhancements in the new model of the Apple smartphone. iPhone grabs the attention of quite a limited and targeted audience every year by providing unique features. However, the company is trying to expand its market reach to a new level by providing features close to other smartphone industries.
The following review will discuss several aspects of the iPhone 15 and a detailed analysis of the iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15. You will know the price, market worth, software changes, and processor specifications. Keep yourself updated with tech-related information by reading this article!

Key Difference Between Iphone 14 vs Iphone 15

The following table contains the key differences between two incredible iPhones in the market.

Material made of Aluminum chassis Along with a squared-off edgeMaterial is made of Aluminum chassis Along with a contoured edges
Back of the phone: Glossy Glass MateriaBack of Phone:  Color-infused frosted glass Materia
Camera Feature “Notch” TrueDepth array‌Updated Feature of  Dynamic Island‌
Brightness Level 800 nits maxBrightness Level 1,000 nits max
Brightness Level (HRD) 1,200 nits peakBrightness Level (HRD) 1,600 nits peak
Specifications of Bionic Chip A15Specifications of Bionic Chip A16
GPU Specifications 5-coreGPU Specifications
5-core GPU
Along with 50% more memory bandwidth
Main Camera Specifications
Plus  ƒ/1.5 aperture
Main Camera Specifications
Plus ƒ/1.6 aperture
Zoom Option 0.5x and 1x opticalZoom Option 0.5x, 1x, and 2x optical
Smart HDR 4Smart HDR 5
Portrait mode with Focus and Depth ControlNext-generation portraits with Focus and Depth Control
Regular Night mode/ Night mode portraitsUpdated Night mode/ Night mode portraits
First-generation Ultra Wideband chipSecond-generation Ultra Wideband chip (connects from 3x further away)
Available Port LightningAvailable Port USB-C
Available Wireless Charging Feature QiAvailable Wireless Charging Feature Qi2
Yellow, Blue, Purple, (PRODUCT)RED, Starlight, and Midnight color optionsYellow, Blue, Pink, Green, and Black color options

The Price difference: iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15

The new iPhone 15 has the exact pricing details its three predecessors had at the start of their release. The phone has been released in 3 categories: base iPhone, plus, pro, and Pro Max. Each phone has a different price. As in the market, the iPhone 15 base model is retailing at $799 in the market. Whereas, the iPhone 15 Plus has a price of $899.

Similarly, the two upgraded models, iPhone 15 Pro and ProMax, lie at $999 and $1199, respectively. These initial prices are lower than the current prices of the iPhone 14 in the market.

The iPhone 14 base model of 128GB memory is $999, and 512GB is $1099 in the market.

Moreover, the prices of the iPhone 14 plus 128Gb and 512GB lie at $899 and $1099, respectively. The iPhone Pro and Promax of 128GB are $999 and $1099. The iPhone Pro and Promax market rates of 512GB are $1299 and $1399.

You can see the certain difference in prices for both phones. However, the price of the iPhone 15 may change with time according to market trends.

Changes in Design

Apple has made several minor and significant changes to the new device. In the following section, we will be exploring these incredible enhancements one by one. To know their details, read more.

A change in USB ports

Have you ever heard about using a regular C-type cable for an iPhone? This significant change in the iPhone 15 that will bring iPhone users closer to the rest of the smartphone industry is a USB-C port. The new iPhone has a USB-C port, allowing users to use any available C-type Charging cable for their phone.

You do not need to keep a separate Apple charging cable to charge your phone or transfer files each time. Grab any available C-type data cable and use it without any problem. Is it not a step closer to other smartphones?

Use of Titanium instead of Stainless Steel

If you are using iPhone 15 pro or Promax, you are dealing with a new material. The iPhone 15 Pro and Promax body is made of titanium instead of stainless steel. Titanium is a new material which is never been used before for any smartphone.

Steel is undoubtedly a robust and durable material that gives the mobile an aesthetic look. However, titanium provides all these facilities along with a lightweight handset. Therefore, the iPhone 15 is a lightweight handset, about 187g. The handset is 20g lighter than the weight of the iPhone 14 pro.

Moreover, the material is highly resistant to water and dust, providing sustainable protection to your smartphone.

Comes with an Action Button

The iPhone 15 offers great service with a small but impactful action button on the side. The action button will replace the mute button on the side of the phone. This action button will resolve many complications you see in the previous versions, such as taking a selfy or turning off the torch. Now, you can take photos by clicking the action button like other smartphones.

The button can also be used to create changes in actions you want to perform on your phone. Sounds like a great deal to me!

Updates in Display of the Phone

Enjoy the Enhancement with Dynamic Island

You have experienced the taste of Dynamic Island in previous iPhone 14 Pro and Promax versions. However, in the new handset, the dynamic version is available for all four versions of the iPhone 15. Apple has used this exclusive technology in a new and different manner.

In the new handset, if you receive any new notification, the camera notch will display it for some time instead of covering the whole screen with a pop-up menu.

This new updation will reduce lagging and unwanted interruption while using the phone.

The difference between Processing Performance

There is a difference between the processing speed of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 handsets. The company has optimized the speed of chipsets in the new model. They have used the latest A16 and A17 bionic chips for their new phones.

The iPhone 15 base model and Plus model have an A16 chip, which increases bandwidth.

Similarly, iPhone 15 pro and Promax carry the chip A17 pro, the first time Apple gave the processor a “pro” moniker for their devices.

Changes in Software

Apple has changed different software features and upgraded the new iPhone’s usability. Following, we will discuss specific enhancements that give an overview of the iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15.

The new Technology of iOS

Have you ever heard about an operating system that allows you to make intense personalizations?

Apple’s new iOS technology, named iOS 17, provides a platform for users to personalize their devices as they like.

You can add your picture as the front and write your name on it of a quote that you like. It will appear on the screen every time you open the phone.

New Security Features

If you want to keep an eye on your loved ones, especially when they are traveling alone. You can use several security options to see the traveling status of other people.  You can use these features to see their location status. Plus, you will know when they arrived at home.

You must activate their status, and you will receive a message whenever they arrive home.

New Features in iPhone Camera

The camera has a 48 MP main senson. This feature enables the user to take high-quality pictures with enhanced resolution. So you can enjoy exciting photography by using your phone.


Now you know the different specifications related to the camera, Dynamic Island, processor speed, and handset material. You can easily choose between the two handsets according to the requirements. Speaking of personalization options, the iPhone 15 allows you to make more customizations and use the device the way you like. This feature can make your phone a short description of your personality. Well, who does not want to be personal?

To conclude, the new model possesses every feature that a user wants on his hand on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPhone 15 be better than the iPhone 14?

There are many aspects in which the iPhone 15 is better than the iPhone 15, such as the camera quality in the new phone is better. The new handset is made of titanium, which is a lighter material.

Similarly, the processor speed is better in the 15th version than 14th.

Is the iPhone 15 significantly better than the iPhone 14?

Yes, the iPhone 15 is better than the iPhone 14 as the exclusive technology of dynamic island is available in all four categories of the iPhone 15. The technology is only available in 2 categories: iPhone 14, pro, and Promax.

Can I use my existing iPhone accessories with these new models?

Yes, you can use existing iPhone accessories.

Moreover, the new model has a USB-C port. So, you can use any C-type cable to charge your phone or transfer the data.

What are the color options available for both models?

There are five color options in iPhone 15, which are pink, yellow, green, blue, and black.

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