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July 21, 2024

When Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is coming to Xbox One and PS4

  • December 4, 2023
  • 4 min read
When Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is coming to Xbox One and PS4

No wonder Start War Jedi Survivor PS4 is taking the attention of everyone in the market. However, the update is still on hold as the company did not provide any information about its launch. There is also no news about the updates or new launches they will induce in the new game. So stay tuned to get a huge surprise from EA to enhance your experience with Star Wars Jedi PS4 to new levels!

Will Xbox One and PS4 get Star Wars: Jedi Survivor?

At the start of this financial year, the CEO of Star Wars announced that the company would not launch the updated SAR war version, Start War Jedi Survivor, on the previous Xbox series. However, recently, they have changed the strategy on the availability of Start War.

Recently, they announced that the updated version will only be available to the owners of PS4 and Xbox One. It is a good time to take advantage of this marketing opportunity for the Latest Tech on that console series.

On the verge, they reported that “Thanks to the strength of this legendary franchise and community demand, our development team has committed to bringing this Jedi experience to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.”

You must be aware of the previous version that was in the market and grabbed excellent attention. That version is available on the PS4, Xbox series X/S, and on PS5 from April. No wonder everyone enjoyed it.

Most of the gaming lovers have shown satisfaction and positive responses to its features. For most of the Star Wars lovers, it is an engaging, enjoyable, and adventurous game. They believe features have the ability to take their gaming experience to the next level. But if you talk about the PC version of Star Wars, it has been a little bit of a problem for everyone who is playing the game on the PC. The company tried to resolve the matter, but still, the gamers are facing trouble.

However, everyone is waiting for the details on the latest generation of games that will come on the console series.

The Launch Dates?

We know, just like everyone else who sleeps, breathes, and eats games, and you are also waiting to know about the launch details of the game. Well, keep the level of excitement up, because the company will announce the details of the launch any time soon. However, there is no information on when you will be able to enjoy the new version of Star Wars PS4.

Details on New Features of The Game

According to different estimations by market analysts, the company will surprise everyone in the market by announcing the updates, hopefully in the coming days. Because the EA did not disclose anything about the difference between the previous version and the new version of Star Wars. They also did not say anything about how it would change your gaming experience or meet the user requirements.

The gamers are expecting to see different features in the new version.  Now, it’s up to the company what they offer to their customers. Many of you must be aware of older features that are available on PS5 and console series. However, you can not say anything yet.

If you are an old player of Star Wars, you must know it is not the only version with a current-gen-only game that is created by EA. The company has already launched an EA sports PGS Tour for PS5 and X/S series of Xbox in April 2023.


So, do not let your excitement die in vain. The update is on the way. Probably you will get to know about the launch dates in the coming days. However, the good thing is the company is fully focused on providing the best quality in the new version. They are considering the user experience with older versions and trying to meet each requirement and expectation. They are working on additional features to improve the performance. However, we have to sit and wait to see when Jedi Survivor will be on PS4. Or when will the user of older versions of PS4 and Xbox will be able to enjoy its features?

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