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ASUS TUF VG249QL3A | Complete Guide to a 1080p 180Hz Gaming Monitor

  • December 4, 2023
  • 4 min read
ASUS TUF VG249QL3A | Complete Guide to a 1080p 180Hz Gaming Monitor

If you are a game lover, you can understand the frustration due to delays and gaps in the game. It is disturbing when trying to win a fight, but all you can see on the screen is blurry visuals or a torn screen. So here is the complete guide for game lovers to choose the best gaming monitor and experience the best games without lagging.

However, the ASUS monitor power cord has found a solution to your problems. With its new monitor, ASUS TUF VG249QL3A, you can enjoy endless gaming entertainment. The device can stop blurs, delays, faded visuals, or sound-related issues. It has Advanced Technology that supports the compatibility between the monitor and the graphics card.

So stay tuned to say hello to seamless gaming!

TUF VG249QL3A Specs

You know the ASUS gaming monitors if you are passionate about gaming. The company recently announced launching a new update under the TUF Gaming Series. The name of the newly launched Asus monitor power cord is the ASUS TUF VG249QL3A monitor.

The device itself is a fantasy for game lovers. Its 23.8-inch screen with IPS technology. It has a 1920 x 1810 pixel screen with 93 ppl pixel density. Some of the Key Specs of the monitor are given below:

  • It is TUV flicker-free with dim blue light certification, which means it is less harmful to your eyes.
  • It can provide 8-bit color accuracy with a brightness of 350 nits peak. The monitor has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, allowing you to see each detail in the game, especially when exploring the map.
  • It offers sRGB color space with a combination of 1 ms GTG and 180 hz of refreshing rate.
  • Its specification of freeSync premium and NVIDIA keeps the image from tearing apart.

Key Features

The monitor has got a lot of famous among gamers due to its perfect specifications and features. Following are some key features that the device will provide you with while playing your favorite games.

Enjoy Speedy Games

This monitor has an IPS panel that supports the game’s high speed. Now, you can enjoy your game without any delay. It tries to ensure a smooth running of the game. You will experience remarkable clearance in visuals and fluidity during the game. The company provides complete surety that you will not face any screen tearing or lagging in the new monitor.

High Visualization

The monitor can provide a real-time view of your gaming details. This HD screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. These vibrant and crisp visuals will enhance the entertaining level of your game.

Enjoy Technical Harmony

For endless gaming without interruption, your monitor must be compatible with the graphics card. Both Free Sync Premium and NVIDIA G-Sync in Asus monitor power cord show high compatibility. Therefore, they are good to go with every gaming championship.

Optimize the Response Time

There is a fast 1 ms GTG in this monitor. It can translate your inputs into actions instantly without any delay. So, refrain from playing at the defensive line to protect from attacks. Take part in fights and stay one step ahead of everyone.

Real-Time Colors

Even in the games, we want to enjoy real-life experiences. This new monitor will make each contrast and shade look beautiful and vibrant. The vividity of colors and more profound visuals are everything a gamer wants.

Ergonomic Design

You can change the monitor’s height, swivel, pivot, and tilt according to your choice. This ability is entirely supportive for you as you can play the game as you want. Now, there is no need to be discomforted while playing the game.

Avoid Blurs

No one likes a sudden blur, especially in these fast games where each second is essential for your win. The monitor has a low-motion blur, which is the remedy to sharpen the movements and clear your stunts.

Price and Availability

There is no announcement on the release date and availability of the device yet. However, the company has mentioned some of the other specifications of the monitor. For example, the company is considering adding a display port cable, HDMI cable, L-shaped screwdriver, and a power code with the monitor.


The ASUS monitor power cord seems like a perfect deal for gamers. However, you must wait to enjoy its specifications and see what else ASUS TUF VG249QL3A has to offer.

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